Our Story

My Moon is a curation of consciously sourced essentials to support you and your menstrual cycle. A place to empower you to reconnect to your body’s natural rhythms and live in flow.

We were inspired to start My Moon after feeling disconnected from our own cycles. After years of experiencing painful periods and disruptions from hormonal birth control, we started learning about cycle syncing and cyclical living. Embracing our bodies' inner rhythms and developing routines and rituals to support our menstrual well-being has helped us feel more in flow with life. We started trying different holistic and eco-friendly products to support our cycles each month and shared our experiences with each other. From here, My Moon was born. 

Since ancient times, the moon has been a symbol for feminine energy. The word “menstruation” is derived from the Latin and Greek words for month (mensis) and moon (mene). An average moon cycle lasts around 29 days, mirroring our own monthly cycle. This was the inspiration for our name.

We're your go-to destination for holistic products that will bring you natural comfort and relief every cycle. Our brands are largely New Zealand owned, all female founded and share our passion for sustainability and caring for our planet. 

My Moon is a safe and intimate space for you to rediscover your innate cyclical wisdom and live in flow.


- Emma & Pri | My Moon