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All Day Cotton Period Brief - Heavy Flow

All Day Cotton Period Brief - Heavy Flow

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Washable period underwear mean less 'single use' waste, and less monthly cost for you. Using a special super-effective absorbency layer, AWWA period underwear will keep you comfortable, fresh and dry all month long.

Thick band detailing
Full cut brief
Super soft cotton and super slim gusset feels just like ordinary underwear
Wear your All Day underwear for the duration of the time you normally wear five regular tampons or pads
After use, rinse in water and pop into a waterproof bag if you’re out and about, or throw straight into the washing machine with your ordinary load
Do not use fabric softener 
Put on another pair of your period-proof underwear and go enjoy your day, care free.


95% Organic cotton, 5% Elastane

Traceable Supply Chain

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